The Governance system of Airtime Partecipazioni Spa is the core instrument to ensure an effective and efficient management, and a reliable control on all the activities of the company, in order to create value for shareholders and stakeholders.

Airtime Partecipazioni Spa adopted a traditional management and control system where the Shareholders’ Meeting is in charge of taking the most crucial decisions for the company, including the appointing of corporate bodies and the approval of the financial statement.

The Chief Executive Officer and the Board of Directors are in charge of the corporate management, taking all the necessary actions to achieve the social objectives.

Within the Board of Directors have been established four Committees owning propositional and consultative functions towards the Board itself:

  • Appointments Committee
  • Remunerations Committee
  • Risks and Sustainability Committee
  • Third Parties Committee

Control functions are appointed to:

The Statutory Advisors, who are in charge to supervise the compliance with both the law and the charter, and with the principles of fair administration;
The Statutory Audit company, who is in charge of the budgetary control.

On December 10th 2020, the Board of Directors of Airtime Partecipazioni Spa deliberated, with the approval of the Statutory Advisors:

  • The Ethical Code of Conduct
  • The Anti-Bribery Code of Conduct
  • The 231 Model