Making innovation sustainable

Airtime Partecipazioni is an equity investments company listed at Euronext Growth Paris. Its mission is investing in small to medium businesses who show a high innovation outlook and a clearly sustainable profile, with a particular focus on tech companies.


A flexible investment model

We value smart and agile partnerships that make us able to build a solid and synergic investment platform, tailored on the specific needs of each partner: Majority Stake, on businesses that have not proved yet a clear growth potential in their financial statement; Minority Stake, offering that financial support necessary to perform a significant growth; Incubator, by selecting new entrepreneurial projects and encouraging their development.

Sustainable finance at its finest

Airtime Partecipazioni privileges those companies that show a proven innovative attitude in both production and distribution processes, integrating in its investment strategy, along the financial analysis, evaluations about environmental impact, social impact and governance.

Responsibility is the key for long-term value

Airtime Partecipazioni believes in sustainability as a key factor for achieving long-term success and profitability: hence why we are strictly committed to the principles of Environment, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) while performing our investment decisions. We select carefully those businesses who prove respect for the environment, commitment to society, and a solid ethic in business, because we know that those companies who integrate sustainability in their strategy own resilient attitude, ability of managing risks and a higher profitability over the long-term.

How we select target companies

We perform the evaluation of Target Companies by taking into account commercial practices, code of conduct, corporate integrity, transparency, internal control policies, contrast towards illicit practices, promotion of diversity and meritocracy, ethics and responsibility in selecting value chain partners. Depending on the result of the audit, we exclude those companies operating in controversial industries, showing a high reputational risk, or owning a negative environmental and social track record.

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